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School Workshops 学校工作坊


Engaging baking workshops conducted in collaboration with schools to teach students baking skills. 与各所学校合作,为学生提供烘焙工作坊,让他们在有趣的活动中学习和体验烘焙技巧。

Igniting the a love for baking and empower young talents with our captivating baking workshops, a collaborative effort between Velford Academy and secondary schools. Our interactive workshops offer students a hands-on experience in the art of baking, guided by our skilled instructors. Through these engaging sessions, students not only learn essential baking skills but also foster creativity, teamwork, and a deeper appreciation for culinary craftsmanship. Together, we’re sowing the seeds of baking passion, one delicious creation at a time. Be sure to look out at school to see if we are coming over for a workshop anytime soon!

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